Bangladeshi Government Providing Solar Power to 20 Million in Clean Energy Effort

by Arun Balaji

The Bangladeshi government, in partnership with World Bank Energy, other developmental agencies and the private sector, are providing clean and reusable energy to rural Bangladesh in lieu of where traditional powerlines cannot reach. The organization aims to provide reusable energy in the form of solar power to the capacity of 4 million households, of which house 20 million Bangladeshi citizens. In a region that is largely developing due to lack of resources, the organization stepped in to provide the greatest resource to help the largely farming and manual labor community– now, the majority of their labor is automated and clean, thanks to the use of irrigation pumps that 6,000 farmers can now claim ownership of. 

World Bank Energy is a subsidiary of the World Bank group, whose mission claims that “Access to energy is essential to reduce poverty.” The company achieves their mission by providing clean and sustainable forms of energy to areas that don’t have energy in largely developing countries. What’s significant is that Bangladesh, with the organization’s support, is not only bringing electricity to their people, but they are achieving it sustainably, by means of solar power, giving a positive push towards lowering their carbon footprint.

Bangladesh has long been a developing country that is recently achieving prominence. Classified as a middle-class economy with a population of 128 million, it is surprising to find that 25% of rural Bangladesh do not have access to a sustainable power source. However, their outlook for the next 10 years is very lucrative. By 2030, Bangladesh wants to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, and produce over 30 GW of energy by solar power. They follow in line with several other countries like India and Great Britain in the hunt for a zero-emission country, a prospective outcome to solve the climate change issues that face us today.

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