Sweden’s Efficient Recycling Process the World Needs to Adapt for a Better Future

by Sudhit Rao

With fossil fuels becoming more scarce as the world’s population skyrockets, the need for stable, more reliable energy sources becomes more imperative. Scientists estimate that the world will eventually run out of fossil fuels by the year 2060 but on the other hand also predict that global waste will increase 70% by the year 2050. So what connects these two distinct, growing global crises? Sweden. Sweden’s recycling methods are far more advanced than the rest of the globe and the world must adopt them if we want to build a more sustainable future for the future generations. 

Sweden has been highly successful in their endeavour to transform trash into energy as the country boasts numbers such as a country low 1% landfill rate. Also, around 52% of waste is incinerated and turned into heat and electricity for use in nearly a million homes in Sweden. This has enormous benefits to the nation as it introduces a form of renewable energy that does not have a lifetime. Additionally, by implementing this method, the country of just 10 million has reduced yearly carbon emissions by 2.2 million tonnes, showing how this method is also beneficial to reducing global warming, as carbon emissions play a huge role in the depletion of the ozone layer. 

Sweden’s “recycling revolution” as they call it, also has immense economic benefits. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Norway, Italy and other European countries have an excess amount of waste and are therefore willing to pay on average 43 USD per ton of waste to be exported into Sweden. Sweden now generates around 100 million USD just of this trade with European countries.
Sweden’s recycling program has created sustainable energy as the need for renewable forms of energy rises. They have successfully tackled the problem of waste as well as have risen economically by generating money through this process. Sweden’s brilliant innovation is to credit and it is vital that other countries employ this method if they desire a sustainable and waste free future, all while killing multiple birds with one stone.

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