Ireland Passing Legislation That Will Prioritize Climate Change in Governing

by Anshul Dash

Ireland is currently on the verge of putting climate change at the core of its government. This will likely happen if members of the Green Party vote in favor of a new caucus. The new administration intends to fight climate change by banning gas imports, lower emissions through various rules, and stop drilling for fossil fuels. Despite gaining support from most of the population, there is still some opposition, who claim that there is not enough “progression” being done through these proposed changes. 

Even though Ireland has been known to be a green country, its status of being green has recently been tarnished due to the government’s failure to deal with excess carbon emissions. Compared to other countries in the European Union, Ireland emits the fourth-largest amount of carbon. The Irish government attempted to lower its carbon emissions by forming a target with the European Union to cut emissions by 20%. However, the government failed to meet this target by a large amount. This was mainly because of Ireland’s heavy agriculture and transport. An example of this a growing national dairy herd increasing by more than 25% in the past five years. 

The Green Party has planned steps to meet and even surpass this target. The party plans to propose the Climate Action Law, which will redefine 5-year carbon emission budgets. Scientists have welcomed this law as it has been predicted to cut Ireland’s carbon emissions by 51% by 2030. But despite these beneficial outcomes, there is still opposition to this rule. These members believe that the law does not address social justice, economic strategy, and proper housing. The members of this audience are young people or citizens of Northern Ireland. 

Although there are worries that the opposition might be too much for this law to pass, international support will help the Green Party’s influence expand across the country. This law is crucial to Ireland and the European Union, as less carbon emission will open new pathways for alternatives to fossil fuels. Enforcing this law will motivate scientists to develop more environmental-friendly products to contribute to the decline of carbon emissions. 

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