Disaster Strikes at SoCal Gender Reveal Party

by Nakul

During Labor Day weekend, one Southern California family attempted to create at an eye-catching, noticeable gender reveal display – they ended up drawing quite a bit of attention for their efforts – but for all the wrong reasons.

The family’s reveal display, which consisted of a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device”, ignited four-foot-tall grass at El Dorado Ranch Park. The family attempted to extinguish the fire by using water bottles, but as expected, this attempt to put out the rapidly spreading fire was more hopeful than practical. The San Bernardino National Forest Service revealed that the fire has consumed over 20,000 acres since September 5th. The fire significantly injured over 13 firefighters, and unfortunately, on September 25, the first and only fatality as of now occurred – Charles Edward Morton, a firefighter battling the El Dorado fire, died while actively operating to suppress the fire. 

While the fire is over 83% contained now, the immense damage has already been done. The fire destroyed numerous residential structures and other buildings, injured many and resulted in the aforementioned fatality, and destroyed thousands of acres of land. As CNN reported, as of September 7: “Because of the El Dorado Fire, the communities of Oak Glen, Yucaipa Ridge, Mountain Home Village, and Forest Falls have been ordered to evacuate. 

As for the family that caused the fire – according to authorities – have been cooperative, according to investigator Bennet Milloy. Milloy also added that we need to be cautious as over 80% of fires are caused by humans. He also discussed the consequences of this perilous event for the family that caused it, explaining that criminal charges were being considered, but whether the relevant individuals would be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony would be determined once the fire is fully extinguished. However, the family could be held accountable for the cost required to fight the fire, as well as the colossal costs of covering the damages of the fire itself.

It is essential for as humans, as Milloy explained, to be aware of our surroundings and act in a responsible, wise manner. Doing so is only beneficial towards upholding the safety of ourselves as well as others, and in this case, preserving the beauty and conditions of our beloved Earth.

Image: https://content.fortune.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/gettyimages-451848638.jpg