Bill Gates’s Plan for US Leadership to Combat Climate Change

by Arun

Bill Gates, famously known for his prominence as a big tech CEO as the co-founder of Microsoft has not seen his influence diminish since he left Microsoft’s day-to-day operations in 2008. He now dedicates his time to philanthropy, improving developing countries, and humanitarian efforts – most recently, with climate change. Gates unveiled a plan of how US Leadership could effectively fight climate, noted in a plan that involves a $25 billion boost in spending, creating over 370,000 new jobs in the process as well.

Another key note in his plan is the outline for the creation of a network of “National Institutes of Energy Innovation.” Gates writes that there should be separate institutions that focus on separate facets of the environment like carbon capture, energy storage, and renewable technology. Additionally, Gates adds that the innovation taken by these institutes, which will be located around the country, should also be prepared to be commercialized in order to see any real impact.

Gates’s involvement in fighting climate change follows the now increasing trend of technology CEOs and major corporations joining to promote environmental awareness. Jeff Bezos has been another big name in this regard, as he has led a $10 billion dollar climate fund to which he will distribute to 16 organizations. The $10 billion Bezos is committing is 10 times as much as all philanthropic foundations dedicated towards efforts to combat climate change in 2018. In suit, Microsoft said in January that it would spend $1 billion over four years “on technologies that remove planet-heating carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

With industry leaders and major corporations backed by significant amounts of money, the fight towards mitigating climate change seems all the more stronger. As big money joins the effort, it brings up the importance of how all people – for-profit corporations and individuals alike – have a responsibility to participate in the fight for a better environment.